Thursday 11 February 2016

Free Interactive Research Methods Tool

This blog was started in response to the difficulties that many students experience with methodology. Trying to define your research method is a major headache for many of us. There are two major problems to overcome. One is that of inconsistency caused largely by confusion over the meaning of key terms such as epistemology, ontology and methodology. The second problem is one of incompleteness which occurs when students express a partial account of their method saying something along the lines of "I'm doing interviews" but say little else to describe the ways in which they will then analyse their data. 

I'm delighted to announce the launch of a free, interactive tool which produces a method map that overcomes both problems in a few minutes. What's more it is available in English, Chinese, Arabic, Malay, Hindi, Polish and Greek. Try it for free at ... and if you want to read the material that underpins the method map, you can download a free chapter here.  Feel free to share these links with anyone who might find some advice on research methodology useful.

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