Friday 15 May 2009

Your Comments on the PhD Blog

what a great idea and what a wonderful initiative. – Congratulations - I’d wish, someone had done this much earlier and I’d known all this stuff years ago, it would have saved me so much trouble in what I am going though right now. Uwe


  1. Great blog! Greetings from Finland.

  2. Dear Prof.

    Good inputs, and very kind of you to have highlighted the softer issues so well.

    I am glad to have found your blog just while I am starting my PhD program.

    Thanks again. Satish

  3. Thanks you for your email. I have been reading the materials you suggest and the articles as well. This site has been great for me as a first year DM student! Thank you for your efforts to help us! Greetings from Kansas City, MO!

  4. Just found the blog. Gonna suggest this to my supervisees and students as well as for my self-reference. Thank you. May God bless you.