Friday 15 May 2009

Recommended Reading

These are just a few things that might be worth reading ...

"The Production of Knowledge: the challenge of social science research" by William Starbuck, 2006, Oxford University Press: Oxford
this is effectively a memoir from a leading US management researcher and is full of honest self reflection about what worked and didn't work over a career publishing and editing the world's top journals.

"The Nature of Managerial Work" by Henry Mintzberg, 1973, Harper Row: London
this is the book version of Mintzberg's PhD thesis. It may be dated now but it is well written and the appendix to the book sets out his research process in graphic detail and is therefore very instructive.

"How to Get a PhD: a handbook for students and their supervisors" 1987, by Estelle Phillips and Derek Pugh, Open University Press: Maidenhead
One of the most popular references for those who embark on a PhD and it covers everything from starting to finishing the process.

"Research Methods for Business Management" by Kevin O'Gorman and Robert MacIntosh, 2015, Goodfellow Publisher: Oxford
This is a succinct overview of the research process from finding a project, through how to review the literature and on to methods, ethics and writing up.  Try a free chapter.


  1. Also suggest, Andy Van de Ven's 2007 book, Engaged Research, published by Oxford University Press for a good introduction to research methods and writing

  2. Andy Van de Ven's book is called "Engaged Scholarship" rather than Engaged Research

  3. Mark Saunders, Philip Lewis, Adrian Thornhill – Research Methods for Managers, Financial Times, Prentice Hill, 4th Edition, 2007

    A great book, relaxed reading, concentrating on what executive PhD researchers need, very comprehensive and very good citations & references, good repetitive questioning and practice lessons

    Mark Easterby-Smith, Richard Thorpe, Andy Lowe, Management Research, An Introduction, 2nd Edition, Sage Publications, 2003

    Short precise, clear descriptions, a great book to start your research with, requires further reading, a really great introduction

    Alan Bryman, Emma Bell, Business Research Methods, Oxford University Press, 2003

    Very comprehensive, a great book to guide you through your methodology and critical reasoning, good references and citations for further follow-up

    I hope this helps others for orientation on such general orientation for a PhD.